Thursday, August 04, 2011

sailing overnighter

overnight mooring by Southworth Sailor
overnight mooring, a photo by Southworth Sailor on Flickr.

Esther and I spent our first night in the Montgomery 17. The weather this week was too inviting to pass up a short sailing cruise. The overnight mooring selection was pretty close to home. For twenty-five years we have watched boaters flock to the westside buoys on Blake Island. They are filled every weekend of the summer and many weekdays as well. We decided that we needed to experience the excitement ourselves. It was a little odd seeing our house from our mooring, but it felt like a whole different world. We headed over at noon on Wednesday, and even at that got the last buoy for the evening. After a hike around the island, we settled in for a relaxing evening of reading and soaking in the sunset and stars. The night went great and we got lots of sleep. On Thursday morning we set sail across the sound on a light breeze. After entering Elliot Bay we decided to go across the sound again and find something to eat in Winslow. I had never sailed into Eagle Harbor but watched the ferry wind its way through the channel. With no charts with me, I figured that I would just stay well out of the ferry's track. Bad idea! We were feeling pretty smug, sailing into the harbor when we suddenly ran aground. I quickly doused the sails, started the motor, pulled up the rudder and center board, and motored out of a potentially embarrassing situation. We found a mexican restaurant in Winslow and bought some much needed sunscreen. Then it was back to the boat for a leisurely downwind evening sail to Southworth. Needless to say, I motored through the entrance to Eagle Harbor. The trip was a great success, and I am pleased with how both the sailboat and dinghy handled, not to mention the crew.

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