Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Whale of a time in Tokyo

One of the features of Japanese culture that our family seems to enjoy is the unique architecture.  The Japanese are champions of simplicity and balance.  This morning we took a trip to the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum.  The museum has collected historic buildings from around the area and reconstructed them for visitors to explore.  We spent the morning taking our shoes off and on, exploring tatami rooms and beautiful woodwork.  We ate a lunch of Udon at the museum.  In the afternoon, I took Ruby and Ada back to Fuchu to play in the house and swim in the pool at the church.  The alternate activity fit the girls fancy well and they nodded peacefully off to sleep at a decent hour.  The rest of the gang spent the afternoon and evening on a final Tokyo adventure.  Ueno Park is a vast inner-city park with a zoo, temples, museums and an extensive lake filled with lily pads.  After wandering through the park, the crew did some shopping at the nearby Yuniqlo store. Some of the more brave of the party pretended to enjoy eating a snack of whale meat.  They next went to a geek's paradise, including the largest electronics store in the world where the  weary tourist enjoyed Okonaniyaia on the 8th floor.  The evening was capped off with a jamb packed train ride at 9:00.

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