Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Meeting up with the in-laws

We said goodbye to Tokyo this morning as we packed up all of our things and caught a bullet train to Niigata prefecture.  A bullet train experience is not complete without a bento box and we were lucky enough to snag some before leaving Tokyo Station.  The Maruyamas (Sassa's parents) were there to greet us and welcome us to the scenic mountainous valley where the wedding will take place.  We piled in their two cars and a couple of taxis to the wedding venue.  We spent the rest of the afternoon helping prep for the wedding.  The Bulthuis' are getting pretty proficient at making origami cranes.  We even got an assembly line going.  The venue is wonderful.  The complex features open timber framing and windows.  We enjoyed a Japanese version of Italian food that was superb.  It was a pleasure spending time with our new in-laws though any meaningful communication needed to be channeled through Calvin and Sassa.  A bus from the pension where we are staying brought us up the foot of a mountain to our accommodations.   Tomorrow promises to be an eventful day.

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