Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Wonderful Wedding

The momentous day began with a great breakfast at the pension.  Most of the morning was spent stringing paper cranes and prepping for wedding.  We moved to the venue around noon and continued to prepare programs and take wedding photos.  A quick rehearsal just before the guests arrived was just enough to get a few of our party a little worried.  The venue was perfect for the number of guests.  The bilingual service helped frame the union of our two families.  Pastor Rich did a good job presenting a Christian marriage.  The ceremony was simple and purposeful.  After the ceremony the guest left the room while the staff transformed the room for the reception.  Japanese receptions are a bit more formal with a lot of speeches and explanations.  The 'shoe game' presented by Steph and Jenny was particularly enjoyed by the Japanese contingent.    The meal was exquisite, comprised of ten courses each matched with a connection to Calvin and Sassa's relationship.  Every course was beautifully presented on a new set of unique china.  Dancing is usually not a part of Japanese weddings so the Bulthuis worm had to refrain themselves.  Calvin and Sassa left to catch a train for a quick overnighter before having to return as tour guides.  We returned to the pension and were joined by Sassa's family.


Phazer said...

My husband and I had a particular vision for our wedding, and we were struggling to find the right venue, until we came across these wedding venues. I liked this venue, the manager and his team are second to none.

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