Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Adventure Begins

Hot muggy weather does not invite sightseeing especially to the tune of fifteen miles.  After quick breakfasts we walked to ICU campus.  I stayed with the girls in the cool cafeteria while Calvin gave a quick tour.  Once again we were struck by the beauty of the grounds.  Next we caught a bus and then trains to Meiji Shinto shrine.  Large trees helped give some shade to our walk through the grounds.  Ruby in particular was irritated by the direct sunlight.  After some yogurt cones we wandered through several shopping areas, stopping occasionally to make purchases.  Ada did wonderful through the long hot afternoon, but Ruby had a little too much and began to melt down and embody the weariness that most of us felt.  We eventually made our way on foot to Shibuya station for a look at Hachi the dog and a long anticipated bowl of Ramen.  As we squeezed into trains on our homeward journey, both girls fell asleep in someone's arms.  We collapsed into our lodgings at about 10.  Josh deLacy dropped in after returning from his hike up Mt. Fuji.

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