Sunday, August 02, 2015


Saying goodbye to the Maruyama family was very hard.  We have come to love them dearly and have appreciated their generous hospitality.  We caught a series of trains in the morning and made our way Kanazawa.  Because the hostel we found does not allow children, we separated our party for accommodations and Bjorn and Jenny and the girls are staying in a hotel.  After dropping off our luggage at our respective lodgings, we did some sight seeing in Kanazawa.  Some of us went to a museum which was kid friendly while others went to a Ninja Temple, a ninja barracks disguised as a temple complete with secret passageways and booby traps.  We met up again to visit an ancient garden with ponds, waterfalls and bridges.  Dinner was Shabu Shabu, meat and vegetables self cooked on the table

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