Sunday, August 02, 2015

Living in Art

The youth hostel was hot with no AC but the food was pretty good for a hostel.  We spent the day visiting more art exhibitions and driving through mountain villages.  The scenery is beautiful with lush green rice fields in every semblance of flat land.  We enjoyed a couple of meals at some local restaurants and the ladies got another bathing experience while the men moved luggage around.  Our final evening with Sassa's family was spend in an amazing house called the Shedding House.  It is part of the art festival so guests can only spend the evening hours at the house.  A group of artist took an abandoned historic house that had been modernized.  The workers restored the house to its original condition and then painstakingly carved millions of divots with chisels on all the inside surfaces.  The floor, walls, framing and rafters allThree thousand people contributed their labor, and the project took two years to complete. The result is stunning.  We slept on spread out futons on the carved floor.

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