Thursday, August 06, 2015


An early rise got all of us on the train for a morning trip to Nara before Markus and Steph needed to leave for Tokyo.  Nara is the ancient capital city of Japan.  The city preserves the historic hillside and has the peculiar presence of deer in the park areas.  I mean hundreds, maybe thousands of them, roaming the streets and sidewalks.  Needless to say, Ada and Ruby were delighted by the deer. They are extremely tame and will allow people to pet them.  If you dare to feed them, they attack you.  Needless to say there is a distinct odor that permeates the upper city.  There is also a magnificent temple that boasts itself as the largest wooded building in the world.  There is a gigantic iron Buddha incased in the temple.  We quickly made our way back to Kyoto to say goodbye to Markus and Steph.  We decided that we needed to get some shopping done before it was time time to leave Japan, so we spent the rest of the evening shopping and hanging out in our rented house.

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