Monday, July 10, 2017

Road Trip - Day 8

Breakfast at the motel was great with a ‘chef’ making custom omelettes.  We had a long trip ahead of us but we could not leave without a 3 mile river walk.  We took I-15 north to Butte and I-90 home. We had never traveled that stretch of interstate and were surprised at the lack of mountain passes.  Our last meal of the trip was our only fast food, Carl's Jr.  Our smooth trip home was interrupted by a three hour delay waiting out a brush fire on the Vantage bridge.  We got home at 2:30 am. 3250 miles of driving, 33 miles of walking, 4 National Parks, 1 National Monument, 4 dumpy trumpies and 3 nice lodgings; we’ll call it a successful Bulthuis road trip!

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