Monday, July 10, 2017

Road Trip - Day 7

Motel waffles and Starbucks got us off and running to our last National Park.  Crossing Wyoming off the interstate let’s you see a few towns but the landscape is the same.  Wind River was very scenic as we approached the Grand Tetons.  As usual, we enjoyed the Jackson Lake Lodge Lobby with its panoramic view of the lake and mountains.  We hiked for 4 ½ miles along String Lake.  The temperature was great and the views spectacular.  We will save the Jenny Lake loop for another time, but we did enjoy the pull out views.  The town of Jackson was all we remembered and more.  It was packed with tourists but we found a nice Thai place to eat.  We made reservations for a nice motel in Idaho Falls and headed out for our own evening drive.  Idaho Falls was an unexpected delight.  The motel was right across from the falls and there was a wonderful river walk including a great Japanese garden.  We couldn’t retire for the night without another 1 ½ walk in the coolness of the night.

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