Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Road Trip - Day 3

We were anxious to get to Glacier Park, so after a morning Starbucks stop we enjoyed the lakeside drive up to Columbia Falls and the entrance to the park.  Esther got her National Parks Passport and her first stamp.  We stopped at Lake McDonald Lodge and scoped out the old timber lodge with bark covered logs.  Going to the Sun highway was breathtaking and we stopped on the summit to join the throngs of East Indian visitors on a snowpacked trail to Hidden Lake overlook. While we would have liked to spend more time in the park, the priority of further adventures pushed us on to Great Falls and a night at the worst Super 8 of the franchise. ($66, missing linen, stains on the sheet, air conditioning shut off from 10pm – 8am, not to mention a horrible smelling hallway).  We redeemed the evening with dinner at Applebee's and a sunset walk along the river trail.

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