Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Seabrook Stay

This past weekend the Bulthuis family (minus Calvin and Sassa😟) enjoyed four nights at Seabrook.  We stayed at 'Life of Riley' and liked several features.  The private patio area with a fire table was definitely a well used feature.  We spent each evening around the fire and didn't go to bed stinking like smoke.  The first night was Papa Murphy's pizza in honor of Markus' birthday, even though they had to arrive late.  The next night was superb Sri Lankan food provided by Markus and Steph.  The third night was chicken wings Vietnamese style provided by Bjorn and Jenny, and the last night mom made seafood fettuccine.  Mom also made some soups for lunches and plenty of snacks.  The first morning Ada had a traumatic accident with her bike and got some deep slivers.  Jenny and I ended up taking her to Urgent Care in Elma, 40 miles away.  They didn't do anything to her injury besides taking an X-ray.  Back in Seabrook our days were filled with walking town, going to the beach, playing on the zip line, playing pickle ball, swimming, riding bike, visiting the gnome trail, going to the bakery and sweet shop and painting ceramics.  All that peppered with lots and of eating and drinking.  The weather was the best on the first day and the last day, of course; but at least there was no rain except for some fog drizzle.  All in all, it was another successful Seabrook vacation.

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