Thursday, October 05, 2023

Entering Galicia


Day 63 - Linares

     Our host last night was the sweetest we have had in Spain.  She provided one of the few breakfasts, and gave us treats for the road.  We needed every bit of fuel we could get as we ascended 3000 ft. today.  Today’s scenery rivaled the Pyrenees.  The sound of cow bells once again filled the air; until we came to a helicopter working the mountains.  It would pick up buckets of concrete from a ready mix truck and then bring it to a power pole foundation. As we passed, it hovered directly over us, blowing our hats off.  We felt like we were filming the intro to MASH.

   The first part of the morning was very steep.  Some pilgrims elected to use horses.  At the summit was a tourist town filled with people who rode buses, cars or motorcycles. It was a little demoralizing after all our work. In addition, we found out that the town is a favorite starting point for some pilgrims. Are you kidding me!  We have been walking for 900 miles!  Yes, we passed the 900 mile mark today, leaving us 100 more miles to go.  We also entered the final Spanish region of Galicia, where our destination will be.  The region is a popular vacation destination because of its scenery.  We are anxious to see it.

   Our evening stop is a wonderful location; on a ridge at 4000 ft.  Our hostel is very modern, but there are no cafes.  Fortunately, there was a grocery store.  We are sharing a bunk room with a young couple from London. We met a lot of people in the dining area, which is one of the benefits of eating in the albergue/hostels rather than a restaurant.  

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