Saturday, October 07, 2023

New Pilgrims


Day 65 - Sarria 

      We received a complimentary breakfast voucher from our hotel and headed for the only restaurant open in the town. Pilgrims were lined up a dozen deep for some morning jo.  We were about to bag it when a hostess saw our voucher and ushered us into a special room with a buffet breakfast (not an American buffet, but European breakfast buffet)  We loaded up on coffee, fruit and bread.  Leaving town, we opted for the shorter route because we wanted to be in time to meet Calvin, Sassa and Manny.  The longer route included the Samos monastery and 7 more kilometers.  

     The walk down to Sarria was pleasant, pastured green hills and forests that changed from pine to birch.  Occasional farm hamlets kept our aroma sensors active and kept us watching our step.  Midway through the day, we met up with Roy and Nicole who accompanied us to town and gave us great conversation.  

     Meanwhile Calvin and Sassa had arrived by air in Santiago and were having a very difficult time catching a bus to Sarria, since everyone seemed to be heading there.  After a couple anxious hours they were able to get on a bus and make their way to our rendezvous.

     We arrived at our albergue to find a very cute cottage for us with a bunk room just for us.  What a treat to have Calvin, Sassa and Manny join us on the Camino for our final days.  We spent the evening catching up and enjoying the city of Sarria.  We were also able to introduce them to some of our Camino friends that we met in town. Tomorrow will be an awesome day, sharing the Camino with our

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