Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Finish Line in Sight

Day 69 - Lavacolla

      Calvin and Sassa bought yogurt and muesli last night, so along with instant coffee, we prepared for our early morning start.  Calvin and Sassa would catch up later by bus.  Realizing that this was our last early morning and full day, we sensed a feeling of solemnity to the morning, as we walked together among the crowds of other pilgrims.  When we passed Camino acquaintances, there was a feeling of excitement, knowing that the end is near.  

     As we mingle with the masses, a feeling of injustice tugs at us.  We have been walking for two months with our packs, and the vast majority of those on the trail have been walking a couple of days; and most with daypacks, because they use a baggage service.  We need to remind ourselves that everyone walks their own Camino.

     As dawn slowly illuminated the landscape, an eerie blanket of mist laid low in the valleys.  We walked through Eucalyptus forests with their straight rows and straight trunks.  They have the feel of a crop rather than natural scenery.  

     Calvin and Sassa caught up to us by bus after we walked 20 kilometers.  After lunch together, they walked the remainder of  9 kilometers to our last Camino lodging.  The five of us had the trail mostly to ourselves because almost everyone had lodging in the town we had lunch in.  We meandered through forest tunnels most of the way, while Manny and I took turns hiding behind trees to scare one another.

     At dinner we met Mary from New Hampshire, whom we hadn’t seen for almost a month.  She is 78 years old and tough as nails. She has kept pace with us, though she doesn’t carry her backpack. She gave us some valuable tech info to help our compostela registration.  Tomorrow is our final day.

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