Wednesday, October 04, 2023

The Cats of the Camino

Day 62 - Vega de Valcarsa

     We left the deserted albergue and dead town without so much as a cup of coffee.  As twilight turned to sunrise, we were treated to a new landscape of vineyards and hills dotted with hamlets.  After about five miles, we finally came to a town with an open cafe, where we put our stashed Tabasco sauce to good use on our tortillas.

     For basically the rest of our 19 mile day, we walked beside a quiet highway underneath a suspended freeway that climbed up a scenic mountain valley.  We drowned out the distant traffic noise with podcasts, which we are reticent to do; because it takes us away from the Camino experience.

     I wish that we had taken pictures of all the cats we have seen along the Camino.  They seem to be everywhere, especially since coming to Spain.  Many are in the little towns, but some are out in the middle of nowhere.  When were contemplating and preparing for the Camino, we were a little concerned about dogs; since Esther has a fear of dogs since getting bit a couple of years ago.  The dogs have been fine.  The aggressive ones are always fenced or chained.  We didn’t expect to see so many cats.  

     We are staying tonight in a very nice pension in a mountain town, a private room with a queen bed and a shared bathroom.  For dinner, we found a nice restaurant that served Esther’s favorite Spanish dish, paella with seafood.  It definitely made up for last night’s dud.

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