Saturday, August 06, 2005

Esther's very own sailboat!

Esther's first boat
Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.
It was inevitable that after enduring her husband's love of boats, that she would eventually want her own nautical treasure. She drove a hard bargain and picked up her prize for $15. It is safe to assume that Esther's vessel will not ply the waters of the sound, but will instead provide some decorative purpose. Whether it ends up as part of a gardenscape or modified for furniture remains to be seen.
Ironically, the boat is an 'El Toro', the class of boat that I learned to sail on in a class at Sammish Lake twenty-five years ago! While Esther was checking out garage sales, I was out on my own sailboat, enjoying the unusual southeast breeze. Normally a north wind blows down the sound on a warm summer day. Today it was out of the south. I tried to tack down Colvos passage, but the tidal current and the slight breeze kept me at the mouth of the passage. After about three tacks with little progress, I changed course and went over to Yukon Harbor where I enjoyed a stronger breeze and no current. When I got home, Esther announced her own boating adventure!

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