Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Texas Adventure - Day Eleven - Nevada entertainment

college love letters
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Sleeping in the back of a van at a Truck Stop can be suprisingly restful, but we were up a moving by 6:30. Leaving Kingman, AZ, we went by Hoover Dam where they are making a huge bridge across the canyon, just below the dam-pretty impressive. We cruised the Las Vegas strip at 9am and made a stop at McDs. The day was spent driving from Las Vegas to Reno on Highway 95. There is practically nothing for 450 miles. The landscape is pretty at times, but mostly desert. The time went quickly because we occupied our time reading my old ‘love letters’ to Esther which I wrote our freshmen year of college. While I was in Michigan, she was in California. They were pretty hilarious to read. I was one whipped puppy! I wrote atleast twice a week, usually more. Esther found them this summer while cleaning out her parents home. We arrived at Reno around 5pm and decided to spend the night, taking advantage of cheap rates. We got a casino hotel room for $29. The only redeemiong thing about these gambling towns is their buffets, so we enjoyed Harrah’s buffet and Esther ate several plates full of crab.

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Dear Whipped Puppy,

Does the saying, "Like father, like son." apply here?