Monday, August 15, 2005

Texas Adventure - Day Three - West Texas

Originally uploaded by Southworth Sailor.
The night was somewhat restful and we immediately found a very nice campground to take showers. It was adobe style buildings and had a neat desert garden next to it. We had breakfast at a McDs in Las Cruces and were shortly in Texas. After connecting to the internet in a motel parking lot, we drove to El Paso. We were quite taken by the sight of Cuidad Juarez, Mexico with it’s poverty a couple of hundred yards across the ravine from the freeway and downtown El Paso. Downtown El Paso with its hills and buildings is impressive, but east of town, it quickly turns into an ugly industrial sprawl. Once out of El Paso it was the barren west Texas landscape with NOTHING for almost 500 miles! We drove all day through thunderstorms, and the desert was really quite green. We reached Kerrville (about an hour from San Antonio) at about 8:30 as it was getting dark and found a real campground on the Guadulpe River. We had the place pretty much to ourselves and slept with all doors open!

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