Thursday, July 24, 2008

Haiti Trip - day 1

We are enjoying an afternoon tropical thunderstorm from the comfort of a Miami hotel. Yesterday was a travelthon with delayed flights and layovers. We landed in Miami at 1:00 am. After searching the unsecured areas of the airport for the best accommodations we set up camp for the night near the rest of the vagabonds. It reminded me of disaster shelter pictures with every family setting up their territory on the floor. After a couple hours of reading and trying to get comfortable, we drifted into a series of naps, interrupted by intercom all calls and passing service carts. By 7:00am, the airport was filled with departing travelers jockeying their luggage into long lines. After a fast food breakfast in the airport, we caught a shuttle to the hotel, hoping to check-in early as we wait for the rest of the team to rendezvous. Fortunately, we were able to check in at 9:30 and enjoy overstuffed beds for a two hour nap. We woke to an afternoon thundershower which put a damper on our poolside plans. So for now it is chillin in the cushy hotel room, waiting for our coming adventures.

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