Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haiti Trip - day 3

I am lying in a sleepless swelter on our first night in Haiti. The sound of raucous music from late night partiers is not putting me to sleep, so I thought I would journal. The flight to Port au Prince went well. The shock of Haiti comes quickly as the plane lands over the sprawling slums of the city. The tarmac is furnace of hot wind that welcomes you to the Caribbean summer. After some delay in waiting for luggage, it was off through the mob of belligerent porters, to a bus to transport us to the other side of the airstrip for a flight to Jeremie. The chaos of the check-in system came to a crescendo when the airlines refused to put on Esther and my personal luggage. Fortunately, we had half planned on the possibility and will be OK for a day or two-if our bags come later. The flight to Jeremie was in a small fifteen seat prop job that smelled of fuel. It was a short flight, and we were happy to be on the airstrip in Jeremie. The drive to Les Irois took about four hours. Driving the roads of Haiti is definitely an experience. Since motor traffic is sporadic, the road is the main walking path for the people. You have to share the road with motorcycles, bicycles, donkeys, cattle, goats, pigs and thousands of people. You do get to see Haitian life in process, everything from bathing to partying is all done along the road. It was dark by the time we got to Les Irois and the church was ready to welcome us. It was good to see some familiar faces from the last trip. It is wonderful to be here. The frustration of the language barrier is evident in everyones faces, but we are determined to make the best of things. The accommodations are superb by Haitian standards as each couple has their own room in the parsonage. Tomorrow promises to be an adventurous day of touring some of the district churches.

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