Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haiti Trip - day 5

Today (Sunday) was the big day of worship. The morning service is always the highlight of the trip. It is a thrilling experience to observe and join in their worship. There has been such a rich history of a relationship with this church and Harper (20 years). The relationships carry on. over the many visits. I was pleased to recognize many of the people. The service took a couple of hours, but it went fast as we absorbed it all. Introductions all the way around, worship songs, special music and a sermon. Pastor John preached on the sacredness of the marriage bed, which he did with great boldness. Given the focus of this trip being the marriage seminar, it was an appropriate topic, and one that touched a nerve with immorality being a problem in Haiti. Lunch was goat, rice and a macaroni salad. The goat was great. One of my favorite things is to walk through town and to the beach, which we did in the afternoon. The youth presented a program for us, and then it was off to the open air service. The blancs (white) are a great curiosity and everywhere we go will draw a crowd. I preached a sermon about the human conscience and we showed a film about a conversion from voodoo. Supper was pumpkin soup which is a special treat that the Haitians normally only enjoy on New Years.

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