Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haiti Trip - day 6

Breakfast was cream of wheat and bread. This morning was the first day of the marriage seminar. The couples straggled in late, some walking two hours. The attendees were local pastors and their wives. John presented the biblical roles of spouses and the unique needs of wives and husbands. We were very skeptical about whether the Haitian culture would connect with the material. We were delighted that they seemed to be understanding, but saddened by their questions, which always seem to focus on the stress that finances brought into their relationships. We broke into separate discussion groups of men and women. They were open to sharing and we had some good discussions. Lunch consisted of lobster and conch, great as usual. In the afternoon we had the treat of the Hope for Children presentation and our gifts to them. They were all dressed in their uniforms and presented songs and skits to us. A highlight was the opportunity to spend some time with David, our sponsor child. We presented him some special gifts for he and his mother. In the late afternoon, I convinced one of the RMI staff to take a small walk. We enjoy walking through the town and stopping on the beach. The meeting tonight was with the church leadership, sharing the progress of ministry in eachother's church. Supper was fried vegetables. After supper was a team meeting.

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