Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haiti Trip - day 4

After a few hours of sleep, we awoke to a little cooler temperature and breakfast calls. Breakfast was boiled eggs, bread, and spam spaghetti. Our first activity of the day was to hike two miles in the mountains nearby to a satellite church. The hike had beautiful views of the valley and sea. This church had had its bamboo structured church building destroyed in a storm. They are renting a small house to worship in. The pastor is very cheerful and a blessing to see. Our team has fallen in love with this little church in the mountains that has so little. After returning to Les Irois, we had a great lunch with fish,avocado, rice and beans.Excellent! Our afternoon activity was a trip to another satellite church. The parsonage is falling apart and our church presented them with some funds to build a new one. They were very appreciative. When we got back to Les Irois, we walked a little around town and down to the beach. One of the girls braided dreadlocks in Esther's hair. She says that it is much cooler. Supper consisted of various fried vegetables bread and rice. After supper, we had a planning meeting. By the way, it is quite hot because of the humidity. The nights are the most difficult because the rooms have no airflow.

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