Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Feast and Famine


Day 47 - villafranca Montes de Oca

     We left our large apartment with a great sunrise. Today we found out that in the same village,while we had all the room we could want the pilgrim hostel was putting mattresses on the floor for people to sleep on.  We felt a little guilty telling people today about our accommodations.  We had to pick up breakfast later in the morning since there were no grocery stores in the town.  

     Today we had probably our least pleasurable scenery so far.  Our path was a gravel frontage road next to a busy highway.  The landscape beyond was plowed fields.  The sound of passing trucks was only interrupted by friendly horn blasts at pilgrims.  We met several people from the US on the trail.  One of the more interesting statues we found in a church today was a decapitated saint.

     One of Esther’s sandals is starting to fall apart.  We are hoping that it will last two more days before we get to a city, where she can replace them.

     Tonight’s lodging is quite a contrast to last night.  28 people in bunk beds in this room, and three other rooms beside in a large hostel.  The dinner was good however. We had dinner with Karina from Sweden who we have spent some time with, and a man from Germany.  Tomorrow we are going cold turkey with no reservations and hoping for the best.

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