Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Playing in Pamplona


Day 40 - Pamplona 

     We slept in for the first time in a month. No scrounging around in the dark trying to quietly pack up our belongings. It was a wonderful ‘rest’ day.  I got a haircut in the morning and then we headed for the Bullring.  We had a self-guided tour with headphones.  It was definitely not PETA approved.  They presented the whole culture of bull fighting, from the running of the bulls through the streets to the Matador’s chapel where they pray before entering the ring.  It was fascinating to learn about this ‘sport’, so entrenched in Spanish culture, but so foreign to our experience.

    Our next stop was the cathedral of Santa Maria, which houses a museum of medieval church artifacts.  Fortunately, there was some English translation at times.  The interior was massive with all kinds of side chapels, each with their own ornate altar.  The museum had artifacts from the early church as well.  We spent a couple of hours at cathedral before heading to our room to read and make some reservations for some days ahead.

     Before going to dinner (which starts at 8:00 in Spain) we walked through the citadel. The city of Pamplona has made a beautiful park out of the 16th century fortress constructed to protect the city from the French.  We love all the public spaces that the city has incorporated into the life of the citizens.

     Tomorrow it is back on the Camino with renewed vigor. A rest day well deserved and well enjoyed.

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