Friday, September 01, 2023

It’s not a Taco Bell quesadilla

 Day 29 - Aire Sur L’adour

      Being the only guests in the house, we had breakfast by ourselves in the courtyard room.  Most of the centuries old town homes don’t look like they hold much from the street.  If you stick your toe out of the front door, it could get run over.  But inside the house is quite large, often with an open courtyard in the middle of the house, the busyness of the street well hidden.

     We met Denis at the church at 8 o’clock, with a hot 17 mile day ahead of us.  The landscape is pretty flat now, so it is easier to make good time.  We caught glimpses of the Pyrenees mountains between corn fields and vineyards.  The sounds of military jets replaced the drone of race cars.  There is a major French Air Force base not too far away.

     We stopped for lunch at a wayside cafe and had a wonderful salad. Denis helped us reserve a couple of gites for the days ahead. Therrie caught up and walked the rest of the day with us. He likes to talk and has done the Camino before, so he is quite informative about what lies ahead in Spain.

    We were all pretty exhausted by the time we arrived in town, so we headed to a cafe for some cool refreshing beverages.  Our room for the night is in old hotel.  The price is reasonable and we were upgraded to a private bathroom for no charge.  We ate around the corner at an Argentinian restaurant and had a delicious ‘quesadilla’ filled with cheese, meats and spices, with guacamole.  It hit the spot. As we fall asleep, we are listening to thunder.  It is predicted to rain tomorrow.

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