Thursday, August 31, 2023



Day 28 - Nogaro

     We had a morning surprise on the trail when we met Denis.  We thought he was way ahead, but he had some knee problems and had to slow down.  The three of us were joined by Therie whom we had met at the previous gite.  It was a shorter day of walking, and we took our time.  It is a different experience walking just the two of us from walking with others.  Both are rewarding and it is good to change it up.  

    The last couple of days we have met a group of college age girls who are walking together for a week.  They have done it every year for three years.  They sleep in tents in the fields and cook their own food.

     A new feature of town landscape is a bull fighting ring.  It was the first one we saw, indicating that we must be getting closer to Spain.  We also got our first glimpse of the Pyrenees Mountains, the range that separates France and Spain.  We will get our chance to tackle them in a week or so.

     Today we also met Kevin from California who started a couple of days before us and is going all the way to Santiago as well.  His daughter and her husband are joining him for a couple of weeks.  The really ironic connection with Kevin is that we were both introduced to the Camino through the movie The Way, and the long route starting in Le Puy through a book Walking to the End of the Earth.  I am sure that we will have a chance to compare notes as time goes by.

     We are staying in a bed and breakfast type place in Nogaro.  As we approached the town we could hear the sound of racing cars.  There is an important Formula 3 race track near the town. We ate at a pizzeria which was very good.

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