Monday, August 14, 2023



Day 11 - Conques 

       After finishing our bowls of coffee (yes, bowls - to dip your toast) and saying goodbye, we headed down the hill and then up the hill and then down the hill, etc.  We are looking forward to some flatter landscape in a few days.  

     The village of Conques is very popular and famous.  They say that it was the model for Disney’s Beauty and the beast.  The steep hillside village streets have no vehicles.  You almost expect Bellle or Guston to pop out a door.  The medieval architecture is well preserved.  We were lucky to find a private room that overlooks the town. A bit of a splurge for pilgrim, but very reasonable by US prices.  The town has many tourists as well as occasional pilgrims.

     The room did not offer dinner so we had or second restaurant meal of the trip - excellent wild boar stir fry and sausage and mashed potatoes.  You can guess who had what.  We ended the evening with a light show at the church that highlighted a very famous sculpted mural above the door of the church depicting the eternal states of humanity with Christ the Judge.  The evening was so much different than our usual night as it was a romantic setting with just the two of us.

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Sandra and Mark said...

Hi Peter. Got your blogsite from 2nd born. Loving it!