Wednesday, August 16, 2023

1/6 of the way


Day 13

     We had breakfast by ourselves, even had to push the button to start the coffee.  Our host likes to sleep in.  It was a hot day, but fortunately it was cloudy and kept the sun from beating down on us.  We had a quick downhill and then uphill before it leveled off for much of the day.  We had lunch by a cow pasture and pond enjoying a sandwich we had purchased in the morning. 

    We caught up with a large French family (4 girls and 2 boys) we had shared an evening with a few nights ago.  They have a van and do little sections of the trail.  One of the parents drives the van ahead and then hikes back to meet the family.  They lived in Iowa for a few years because he works for John Deer. We said goodbye as they are heading home.

     Tonight we are in the small city of Figeac and staying in a small hotel.  The city is another old city with lots of narrow streets and plenty of tourists.  We spent the evening walking the streets (as if we needed a walk!)

     Sometime today we passed the 250 km mark which is 1/6 of our total miles.  At this rate we will need the total three months to finish the walk!  But everyone tells us that the trail will easier and we will be able to pick up the miles.

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