Tuesday, August 29, 2023

1/3 of our Camino trip


Day 26 - Larressinglr

     This morning was quite a contrast from yesterday morning.  We were greeted with sun kissed fields of hay and sunflowers.  We played a little leap frog with last night’s roommate, but said goodbye as he is ending his walk for now. He was a nice young man who graciously pushed his English language skills to connect with us.

     It was a long day of 17 miles.  The weather was cool and threatened rain at times.  We ate lunch at a picnic table by a lake.  The town of Condom (not a spelling mistake) which had a huge church and a sculpture of The Three Musketeers, This afternoon we started to pass vineyards which marks our entrance into wine country 

    The country hamlet where we are staying tonight is very quiet and on a clear day, the Pyrénées mountains are visible.  The fellow guests tonight are all older and English comes very hard for them, so we listened to a lot of French conversation. Fortunately, we have a private room tonight.

     Today we completed 500 of the 1500 km of our entire trip.  !!!

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