Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Morning Vespers on the Camino


Day 6 - Nasbinals

This morning we were treated with a private morning vespers by the two sisters who shared the gite with us.  They are on holiday from their work in inner city Paris where they serve the homeless by building relationships.  Our walk today was through the Aubrac Plateau, famous for its beef cows and unique stone houses. There were many more people on the trail today, many who were day hiking.  We are usually not enticed by a sandwich stand in a farm hamlet, but today’s opportunity was such a contrast to the remote surroundings.  The omelette and cheese plate we shared powered us with enough protein to finish our 12 mile journey.  Tonight’s gite is in a larger town and offered no dinner, so we enjoyed our first hamburger and FRENCH fries at a cafe practically in the middle of the street, in fact a small street did go right through the seating and the waitress had to dodge traffic.  One thing this Dutchman can get used to France is no tipping.  After 5 days of lively dinner company, it was a nice break to eat alone.

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