Friday, August 18, 2023

Early Start


Day 15

     We got up early and were on the way by 6:30.  It was great to beat the heat.   A stiff climb out of town and the rest of the day was reasonably level.  There were very few hamlets and churches.  We typically pass through three or four small villages with big churches. The churches are always open and very cool, and we stop to cool down and marvel at the art. There were no churches today, besides the one in the hamlet where we are staying.  

     We enjoyed meeting new pilgrims today.  One young couple were from Sweden.  Laura is from the US and spent time living in Port Townsend.  Hans is from Sweden. They met on the Camino and have done it 6 times.  They are doing the long route from Le Puy this time and will get married in Santiago in October when they get there.  We are invited to the wedding if we can make it in time!

     Our gite tonight is very artsy and funky, run by a Swiss German transplant named Esther. Her niece helps her run the place.  We were joined by two German pilgrims who were willing to use English and we learned about their six Camino trips.

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secondborn said...

What fun if you make it to their wedding! That would be a fun celebration!