Sunday, August 27, 2023

Rugby fans

 Day 24

     We got a later start since it was only a ten mile day. It rained during the night and there was a threat of some morning showers.  We were fortunate and didn’t have any rain.  The landscape was very beautiful with rolling hills and various crop farms.  The freshly wetted clay made for added padding to the soles of our shoes.

     A word about our fellow pilgrims.  As I already mentioned, the majority of pilgrims in France are women.  Most travel alone, though there are groups from time to time.  95% of the pilgrims are French.  They are usually completing sections of the Camino in one week shots.  We have only met two Americans on the trail so far.  Most pilgrims can speak a little English and many speak English well, which is a great help.

     This evening’s gite is very classy, with a private room and bathroom.  We are never very certain of what we will get.  The owners moved recently from the Caribbean French island of St. Martins. We watched a rugby game between France and Australia.  The sport is very popular in this part of France. The small town is having a carnival tonight, complete with fireworks.

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