Sunday, August 06, 2023

Getting Our Trail Legs

Day 3 - Chazeauz

Andre served up the standard breakfast of coffee and bread; and packing up early, we were walking by 8 o’clock.  It was a very steep climb out of the canyon which gave us spectacular views.  There was an old chapel that was carved into a cave along side of the trail.  We had another long day on account of the reservation issue, which is becoming a daily concern. The weather is still very cool which helped with the strenuous start of the day.  The trail led up to a plateau of rolling hills dotted with farms and small quiet hamlets.  We lunched at a bakery in the town of Sauges. The afternoon was long and tiring. The highlight was meeting a family with six boys, ages 1 - 11. The youngest was in a stroller.  They spend a week each summer doing a portion of the Camino having started when they had just 2 boys. We made it to our Gite shortly before 5pm.  Our room is a cozy pocket chalet.  Dinner was an excellent pork stew with rice.  We visited with two French women who spoke good English and learned a lot more about French culture and attitudes.

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