Monday, August 14, 2023

Sandals to the Rescue


Day 10 - Le Soulie

   In the coolness of the morning, the fairy town was even more magical.  We picked up our lunch sandwich from the local butcher and headed out. Esther developed another blister and our host suggested wearing sandals as she had walked the entire Camino in sandals.  With some trepidation, Esther donned her sandals 

and started walking.  She ended up walking the entire 13 miles in sandals and her blisters did not hurt.  PTL! 

   The heat of day was pretty overwhelming, especially in the afternoon.  There were only a few spots of rugged terrain.  Most of the way was quiet countryside road or path. The gite tonight was very unusual.  It is a roadside guesthouse with scattered buildings amongst overgrown vegetation.  Our first impression was of a hippie commune.  A few scattered buildings hidden in thick overgrowth, restroom facilities 30 yards from our room, an outside eating area covered with tarp.  

     Several of the guests were pilgrims from previous stops.  A new young man who teaches English here in France jumped in to help translate.  It ended up being a very memorable evening with the older gentleman host facilitating a share time for everyone at the table to share their Camino story.

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