Saturday, September 02, 2023

Pulling out the Parkas


Day 30 - Pimbo

     The thunder storm last night warned us of a wet day ahead.  It started out dry as we searched for a bakery to buy our lunch.  We thought we were going to walk alone today, but we met Therie in town, so we took off together.  A couple of hours into the day and the rain started.  We covered our packs first, but it soon became obvious that we needed the full parka.

     It actually wasn’t that bad as it wasn’t cold.  The hard part was finding dry spots to take breaks.  Therie shared more information about the coming Spanish portion, and we soaked it up. The terrain is not that interesting, flat with lots and lots of corn. The rain finally stopped around 2 pm and we had a few hours of dry weather to finish our 17 mile walk. We said goodbye to Therie as he stopped earlier than us.

      Pimbo is a tiny one shop town.  The only restaurant in town runs the gite down the street where our room is.  We have a private room but shared bathroom. Dinner was back up at the restaurant where we had a great pilgrim meal with roasted duck and potatoes.  The meal was enhanced by a great conversation with two other pilgrims who spoke good English. Tomorrow will be dry and a little hot.

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