Saturday, September 30, 2023

Goodbye Meseta


Day 58 - Astorga

    What a treat, scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Ham,  toast and and an Americano con leche completed the meal. We were ready for the day.  This was our last day on the Meseta.  As the day progressed, we saw cornfields replace with pine and oak forests.  The terrain started to get a little hilly and tomorrow we will enter the foothills of the Leon mountains.

     We enjoyed some architectural interests today.  The town of Hospital de Orbigo has a quarter mile bridge from the 13th century.  It was also the site of some famous jousting.  We ended our walk in the small city of Astorga.  Besides another magnificent cathedral,  Anoni Gaudi designed a magnificent palace next to the cathedral.  We toured the inside which was amazing with every floor featuring columns and arched ceilings.

     While visiting a church in one of the smaller towns, I noticed some sculptures of the risen Christ.  Almost all church carvings are of Christ’s passion and death.  Very rarely are there depictions of the resurrected Christ unless He is on the judgment throne.  The fourth movement of St. Ignatius’ spiritual disciplines is a focus on experiencing the joy of the resurrected Christ, so I was glad to find the sculptures.

     We enjoyed our evening in Astorga.  There was an Audi car show in town, so there were a lot of people.  We had dinner with Duane, Kirina and Peter from Harvard.  We still need to work on our Spanish.  Esther thought she was ordering nachos, but got a hot dog instead.

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