Sunday, September 24, 2023

Roadside Ramblings

 Day 52 - Carrion de Los Condes

     We left the hostel at 7:00 because we had a long day of walking ahead of us.  Because there were no services in town, we entered the dark morning with no coffee or food.  After 2 miles we entered a deserted town where the pilgrims had already left.  There were no cafes in town.  We were so desperate, we ducked into an empty alberge dining room to see if there was any coffee left in the carafe.  No luck; we had to look longingly at the empty cups and imagine the happy caffeinated pilgrims in front of us.  We trudged on into the dawn and had to wait until the next town to finally enjoy two cafe con leches and some yogurt cake.

     Fueled up for a few hours, we spent most the morning walking with a young lady from London. The trail today was probably the least inspiring of the trip, miles and miles beside a straight highway.  Fortunately, there was not much traffic. The fields were either sun flowers, alfalfa or plowed for the coming winter.

     Our long day of walking (21.4 miles) ended at 4:00 as we entered  a large bustling town and headed to the hostel where we had reserved a private room.  On the way in to town we met Carina and Duane and made a dinner date. You never know exactly what you’re getting when you try to reserve lodging.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Tonight we won; we have a nice private room overlooking the town for 30 euros. We were able to connect with Calvin and Sassa on FaceTime and plan their time with us on the Camino.

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