Monday, July 04, 2005

Compline Choir

Compline at St. Mark's
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Sunday evening, Bjorn talked us into going to the Compline Choir at St. Mark's in Seattle. Emily and Missy joined us for the adventure. We swung by a crowded Alki beach on our way to capital hill. Every Sunday evening at 9:30 the 'compline choir' sings monastic psalms, hymns and liturgies. Hundreds of people, mostly young, quietly fill the cathedral. They fill the pews while others lay on the cement floor and gaze at the enormous wood beamed ceiling. For thirty minutes the voices of a dozen or so men fill the cathedral with chants, hymns and prayers. It is a unique and peaceful experience which transcends centuries of christian worship. After the choir exits, there is an organ recital for which some people stick around. We went up to the organ loft to watch and then left half way through. We said good-bye to Bjorn and Jenny as they were headed to Lynden. Tomorrow, Esther, Calvin, Markus and I are headed for the Oregon coast for a few days. So unless I find some wireless routers on the trip, it will be several days before I post again.

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