Thursday, July 07, 2005

Vacation log - Day Four

Strap her in good
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This morning my feet were dry and we enjoyed the comfort of a motel bed rather than the soreness of a night on the ground. Today, we just hung around Florence. We did some more sandboarding, which went a lot better than last night, since it was a lot dryer. We found a real nice spot by the beach with a little jump. I stumbled upon some old boating/sailing books in an antique store and bought a few. They smell really musty, but they are some real classics for cheap. We did something unusual for us Bulthuis' and put out the bucks for a dune buggy ride! It was great! Almost like an hour long carnival ride. The weather was great, so after the ride, we went swimming at Honeymen Park. The evening was wrapped up with a mexican food dinner and some family tennis. Tonight we will stay in the same motel and head home tomorrow.

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