Monday, July 18, 2005

Let the light shine

Since I had to wait for the Trex decking to arrive until this afternoon, I took the opportunity to work on 'the window.' The framing was easy because I only needed to tear out one stud and it didn't upset any of the inside sheetrock. It's in, and it sure makes a difference in the fireside room and kitchen. I actually cooked dinner tonight without any lights (Esther's in Lynden) Markus and I were able to put on a few rows of Trex this afternoon. This evening, the Southworth buck showed up on DeKorte's lawn. Paul DeKorte was able to get within ten feet of him. The deer didn't know that Paul just passed his hunter saftey test Saturday. But I don't think Paul has the heart to actually shoot a deer, like some people I know.

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NotAMacDotTom said...

You do good work. I have a blog in mind related to the pains of home inprovements for rookies like me. I re-laminated the bathroom sink and ended buying a bunch of new tools that will take me awhile to learn to use. And, of course, the finished projects usually have some flaw in it that the wife always seems to find, which in turn leads to more marial communication. I never realized that the American dream travelled through Home Depot!