Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Vacation log - Day Two

Pacific City
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After breakfast with the mosquitos at Fort Stevens, we headed south, stopping at the Tillamook Cheese factory and getting some ice cream. Our next stop was Pacific City. We kind of liked the place; a little of the beaten path and some cool sand dunes. We would like to go back sometime. We continued down the coast where we stopped at the outlet mall in Lincoln City where Esther found some dishes. We found a campsite at Beverly Beach, though we got excited about staying in a 'yurt' before finding out they were all booked. In the evening we explored Newport and ate at our favorite Izzy's on the bluff. Since the weather is turning cold, we went for some indoor fun and ended up at the Newport library where I found free wireless internet :)

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Jennifer Bulthuis said...

You stopped in Pacific City?! Oh I'm so excited! I'm glad you liked it. It's one of my favorite places, esp. if you go hike out on the cape (not exactly legal anymore, but still very beautiful) Haha, and I'm glad you went shopping in Lincoln City and to Newport and I have definitely camped at Beverly Beach! Wow, you are living out my usual summer days. I wish I could go too! But alas, I am learning all about the sounds we make everyday--very exciting, I know. ;)

Have a good trip Bulthuises (sp?)