Saturday, July 09, 2005

Vacation log - Day Five

Sea Lion Caves
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Today was a long and wet drive home. The only stops we made were the Sea Lion Caves and a drive through Blodgett. I opted out of the Sea Lion Cave tour, since it was still vivid in my memory and Dutch runs thick in my veins. Esther and the boys went in and enjoyed seeing it, as Calvin couldn't remember it from the last time. Throughout the trip, we have had a family discussion as to the definition of a 'tourist trap.' Walking out of the caves, Markus remarked to Esther, "I guess this would qualify as a tourist trap." The other excitement of the day was touring Blodgett, Jenny's hometown. We almost missed it! We saw the sign and a country store and kept going, expecting to see some more. We had to turn around and take a side road, where we found the church and elementary school. We later learned that Jenny's home is just beyond the school. It is a very lovely rural setting, even in the rain. The drive up I-5 was wet. There was a lot of traffic around Portland, taking us an hour and a half just to take I-205. We arrived home to find Bowser tied up. A neighbor tied him up as he continually got out of his pen. It happens everytime that we are on vacation; he finds some way to escape, while we rarely have any problem when we're home. Well, it's nice to know that you're needed at home, even if it's a floppy eared canine.

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