Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dividing up the spoils

This fall it will be two years since Esther's mom passed away, her father having passed the previous fall. She and her brother's have procrastinated the inevitable (sorting out the many belongings of their parents) The house, situated between the two brother's housses has been left alone, serving as business office, guesthouse and store house. This week, Esther is in Lynden working with her sister-in-laws, trying to sort out the thousands of items. Their mom was somewhat an antique collector and threw very little away. The process of sorting is daunting. Each item needs to be handled and a story shared. Yesterday afternoon, they were literally sifting through thread, buttons, rocks and shells. Markus and I came up yesterday as well as Camie and Missy. Today promises to be a productive day.

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