Sunday, July 01, 2018

Eastern Canada Day 1

Our red eye special from Vancouver to Toronto proved to be just that.  Neither of us could discover a comfortable position and we were lucky if we caught a fitful hour of sleep.  Our day started early in Toronto with a pleasurable train ride into the city through a dreary foggy morning.  We elbowed our way with commuters through Union Station and found our rental car counter in the center of an of office complex.  The service was great and they let us leave the car in the parking garage for the day as we explored the city.  We ended up taking a nine mile walk along the waterfront and through the city.  As we walked the sky cleared.  We ate lunch at the historic St. Lawrence Market. (Korean/Japanese) By mid-afternoon we were exhausted and found our hotel.(Don Valley ‘Urban Resort’) We crashed for an hour and then took a walk in the neighborhood.  We ate some great curry at Jatujakthai restaurant nearby.  We were still exhausted by the time we went to bed.

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