Sunday, July 01, 2018

Eastern Canada Trip - Day 3

A morning walk back downtown to see the Ottawa cathedral and enjoy some beaver tail and good coffee got our day off to a good start.  We had a pleasant drive through the Quebec countryside above the Ottawa River.  We noticed an immediate change as all signage was in French with no English.  We dropped back over to the Ontario side of the river for gas and then a great tourist info spot for our trip into Montreal.  It was a good thing as Montreal is totally French.  We thought it would be more of a gradual transition to Quebec, but no it is FRENCH.  We noticed right away the lack of Canadian flags, only Quebec flags.  We were warned that Quebec has an attitude on Canada Day.  We followed the very excellent directions to Old Montreal and enjoyed a hot but shaded six and a half mile walk around the cobblestone streets, bustling French tourists and historical buildings.  The cathedral was the highlight; however, we didn’t go in because of the very long line.  We ate dinners of salmon and steak before another stroll around Old Town and the waterfront and calling it a day.  We drove an hour out of town to Drummondville for a very pleasant motel with good air conditioning.

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