Thursday, July 12, 2018

Eastern Canada Trip - Day 9

The forecast was for rain in the afternoon, so we quickly drove down the coast to Lunenburg.  This part of the coast is marked by endless inlets and quaint villages.  The crown is the town of Lunenburg with its Victorian buildings on the waterfront and the famous Bluenose II sailing vessel.  The boat is the pride of the town if not the whole province.  We were able to walk her decks while she was at the dock between sailings.  I bought a souvenir shirt and Esther a bag.  After some wonderful haddock chowder we drove back to Halifax, hoping the rain would hold off for a waterfront walk.  We went to the Maritime Museum and viewed the Titanic exhibit as well as an IMAX movie about Bluenose and enjoying some great boats.  By the time we were done, it was pouring outside and we decided to head out of town and head north.  Our ‘motel’ for the night was a university dorm room.  Being an agricultural school, there was a pervasive smell to the campus and dorm.  Esther wasn’t too thrilled with the coed restroom and showers.  The surprise of the night was a great meal at a Thai restaurant that ended up being free because they messed up the order and I sat and watched Esther eat her whole meal before they finally brought mine.  We used the dorm laundry, but a mysterious fellow patron found it necessary to move our clothes.

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