Thursday, July 12, 2018

Eastern Canada Trip - Day 10

After some debate, we had decided to make the long trek up to the top of Nova Scotia and see the famed Cape Breton Highlands.  We also wanted to check out the Acadian town of Cheticamp.  The drive up the west coast was scenic with cute coastal towns.  The National Park reminded us of California’s Big Sur coast.  The highlight of the park was the 4 and a half mile hike Skyline Ridge trail.  After hiking through what felt like an alpine forest of short trees and bright ferns, the trail opened onto a granite boulder ridge that looked over the sea and surrounding coastline.  We saw a moose grazing 10 yards from the trail, seeming not to notice the gawking people.  The long drive over the top of the cape brought us to a recommended 3 mile hike to a headlands on the Atlantic side of the island.  It was a very rewarding hike with lots of good views.  Our hotel for the night was a long drive back down to Port Hawkesbury and a bed and breakfast.  Our dinner that night was at a local pub, haddock and chips and spicy hamburger.  The room was a little cramped and the bed squeaky.

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