Thursday, July 12, 2018

Eastern Canada Trip - Day 6

The Amsterdam Inn breakfasts were definitely the best complimentary meals of the trip.  We decided to stay two nights and take in a few nearby sights.  In the morning we drove out to Hopewell Rocks and the ‘ocean floor’ walk in the Bay of Fundy.  The weather was marginal, but the rain held off.  We joined the hundreds of other tourists wandering among the sea stacks and snapping photos.  Lunch was chips and an apple on the road as we crisscrossed Moncton and drove up to Shediac to witness the famed ‘warmest Atlantic water north of Virginia’.  We parked on a pier and then walked several miles kicking the warn Northumberland Strait water.  Our late sunset dinner was a real delight - lobster seafood platter - the half lobster was complimented by an assortment of other items.  We returned to Moncton to enjoy a second night in our motel.

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